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Before the rise of the Inca empire, there were great kingdoms that were lost in time, but that left a hidden legacy among their stone and mud buildings.
This experience will take you on a magical journey of rediscovery along the northern coast of Peru, between the cities of Trujillo and Chiclayo, lands that were once dominated by powerful and warrior cultures.
The first kingdom, the Moche empire, whose most important characteristic was its artisans, who obtained the highest level of mastery in the creation of decorative ceramics and the iconography of their monuments.
Appreciate “The Temple of the Moon” exquisitely decorated and representing the spiritual center of this culture. In the upper part of the adobe walls, the walls are decorated with figures of multicolored deities, where the most important of all is the god, Ai Apaek.
In Trujillo, enjoy the delicious northern gastronomy in the Huanchaco spa, a small fishing village, occupied in pre-Inca times by fishing communities that went to sea in canoes built from reeds. The peculiar method used to maneuver these artisan boats gave rise to their name, “Caballitos de Totora”.
We will visit the citadel of Chan Chan, the capital of the second kingdom, the Chimú Empire, which inhabited this region after the fall of the Moche.

At over 500 hectares, it is the largest known adobe complex in the world, divided into 9 separate smaller cities. We will explore the Huaca del Dragon, where reptiles are the main motif, and the exterior walls have reliefs of snakes and peculiar lizards.
Following the search for the next destination, we will arrive in the warm city of Chiclayo. On the way we will visit the archaeological complex of “El Brujo”, an archaeological site made up of three huacas, Huaca Cao Viejo, Huaca El Brujo and Huaca Prieta.
These structures were built by the Moche people, between 100 and 700 AD. In Huaca El Brujo, archaeologists found the famous mummy of the “Lady of Cao”, the only Moche shaman woman known to this day.
We will arrive at the archaeological site of Sipán for a visit to the “Lord of Sipán” mausoleum; one of the most powerful Moche kings of his time. On his death he was buried, along with many assistants and much of his wealth, in a remarkable funerary complex. The complex has several differentiated areas, including monuments, courtyards, cemeteries, living areas, military and religious fortifications.
In the city of Chiclayo, we will visit the museum, “Royal Tombs” of the Lord of Sipán, one of the most modern and acclaimed in all South America, here you can appreciate the magnificence of the archaeological find: ceramics, textiles, gold and silver jewelry, and an enormous quantity of ceremonial utensils.
On the last day of this experience, we will walk in Túcume the “Valley of the Pyramids” and its site museum, this place was the last capital of the Lambayeque kingdom. the pyramids of Túcume are some of the main monuments of the region, its 26 enormous structures are made entirely of adobe, and were designed for various ritual, commercial, residential, and other functions. Recent discoveries at the site include painted murals in its interior squares, surrounded by walkways and covered in galleries.
These kingdoms cover almost a thousand years of history, a story that is still being discovered and that was wonderful because they served as the basis for the development of the Inca empire.

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