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Enjoy an extraordinary and unforgettable experience through 4 fantastic destinations in Peru. 

At this part of the luxurious and exclusive trip, get to know the Amazon Rainforest of Iquitos aboard a luxury cruise, with five-star attention, a gift for the senses in an unforgettable journey through the Amazon River, Ucayali and Marañón and immerse yourself in the largest natural reserve in Peru: “Pacaya Samiria”. 

Return to Lima “The city of the Kings” and move to the colonial past of the country’s capital, visit the cathedral and convents where you will discover beautiful altars, relics and paintings of the great European and colonial masters of the time. Visit the only colonial house currently habited by the descendants of one of the 13 who accompanied Francisco Pizarro in the conquest. 

Fly and arrive in the city of Cusco, walk through streets of impressive stone walls as they were in time of the Incan temples and palaces, travel the Sacred Valley from Pisaq to Ollantaytambo and marvel at the engineering of the ancient Inca settlers, then visit the citadel of Machu Picchu, today considered as a “wonder of the modern world” and a world heritage site, fill yourself with its vibrant magical energy, always with a private guide. 

Board the “Andean Explorer” train bound for the city of Puno and enjoy a unique travel experience aboard a luxury train. During the journey contemplate beautiful and mystical Andean landscapes full of mountains and plains. 

Stay in exclusive hotels on the shores of Lake Titicaca and enjoy its wonderful views. 

Visit the islands of Uros and Taquile, tour the city of Lampa also known as the pink city and appreciate the viceregal architecture that is still intact in temples and large houses. 

Take home the snapshots of this journey that you will never forget.

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