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Immerse yourself in the oldest trails used as communication routes for commerce where the locals brought their products to other communities by using pack animals such as llamas. Visit communities that seem to have stopped in time.


These routes, even more famous than the Inca Trail, give travelers the opportunity to have contact with the villagers in their various daily activities. We will find hidden Inca vestiges and you can enjoy magnificent mountain landscapes away from noise and crowds.


Get to know Choquequirao, which in the ancient language would mean “Cradle of Gold”. This archaeological center is as important as Machu Picchu, for its architecture and design used in construction. The city is an inspiring example of a ceremonial center for the Inca elite, which was dedicated to the worship of the gods of the mountain, the river and the elements of nature.


The landscape is spectacular and breathtaking, with deep slopes of vegetation typical of the jungle. The enclosure is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains, the most impressive being the Salkantay.

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